Compression Socks (Read 163 times)


    Who uses these and why?





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      They make me run like Meb.


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      Had to use these ever since my Zips from 1978 finally wore out.

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        I wear them for recovery after a long or extra hard run or race.  I wear them to bed the night of a hard/long run/race and also the night before a longer race.  Seems to make my legs feel fresh.  I don't run with them.

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          I used to... just for recovery like Dave. I went back and forth between using them and not using them... I generally don't run or race longer than 15 miles.


          From what I can tell, the main thing they do is make my legs itch.

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            I really like to wear them after a race in the car on the ride home. Makes for less of a grandma walk when I get out. I also wear them in longer races and they make me feel faster. The whole thing could just be a placebo effect, but I'll take it.


              I've only worn them, maybe 15 times. I'd rather let my body do the recovery on it's own (with nutrition). I'm more likely to wear the for protection or warmth.


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              Oh roo roooo!

                My bro and I were on the train, heading back to Milwaukee after Boston 2010.  (Train = bad idea, takes waaaay too long and I don't recommend it!)


                Anyway, we saw a guy on the train wearing compression socks and struck up a conversation.  He'd been at Boston too but this poor guy had to ride the train to freaking MINNEAPOLIS, even farther than Milwaukee, so I can totally understand using them in a situation like that.


                For myself, don't own any, don't plan to.

                  I don't like running in compression socks, but if I gotta work all day after a gnarly workout.... i'll throw a pair of calf sleeves on.    Do they work?  I dunno.... but they feel good, and thats all that matters.