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    I have been doing all my running at about a 9 min pace. My legs don't complain to much and I am able to add mileage every week or so but last night. I decided to do something different. I needed to run exactly .1 mile to run my first 50 mile month and it was really humid. I decided to go back to one of the first courses I ever ran which is only 2.5 miles and see how fast I can do it. 8:18 min pace! Never really beat 8:45 pace before and there you have it. One day sub 8.

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    2012 goals


    100 Km month         150 K month      200K month

    5K run    10K run     20K run              30K run

    sub 30 min 5K         sub 55min 10K

      Keep it up! Smile


      Princess Cancer Pants

        Aren't those increases in speed the best!? Big grin k

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        • Recover from 2017

        • Surgery in March

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        • Rebuild to racing and big running & biking miles in 2019


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        Basically... run!

          Nice job!! Smile


          Along for the Ride

            Good job! Keep zooming! Big grin

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