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    Hi Julia,

    You must be a die hard BB user.  My BIL is still using one of the original BBs but not for much longer.  His firm is forcing him to go to the Verizon store and pick out anything but a BB.  He's the only person still using BB and it's costing the firm too much money to keep the BB server running.


    What do you think of the Z10?


    My guess is that the wysiwyg editor does not yet support the Z10.  Each browser behaves differently and the wysiwyg editor code would handle these quirks to ensure the editor's behavior is consistent across all browsers.  Since the Z10 is brand new, the wysiwyg editor folk might not have a chance to test their editor against it.  For now, you'll have to deal with its quirks until an update is available.  That's the price you pay for being a trend setter ;-)




      Your poor BIL. I thought they'd have to pry my BlackBerry from my cold, dead hands. You can tell him I'm surviving it so he can, too. Or, he can wait for the Q10 this fall.  Smile


      I like the phone so far. It's taken me a half day to figure our the navigation but now I get it. I showed it to coworkers with iPhones or Dross and they thought the Hub and time shifting for pictures was cool. I'm sure the other phones will copy the time shift if they haven't already.



      I guess I'll have to suffer through the un-emphazing of information for a while. There's some weird bubble that keeps popping up, too. Not sure what that's about. LOL!





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