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    Then you will like the recent issues.  One of the biggest standouts is the new photography.  Very well done.


    That is excellent news.

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      I'm looking at the July issue right now and this is the first time in a long time that I actually want to sit down and read the damn thing.


      I've skimmed through it. Now it's sat unopened for 4 days. Pictures are good but no need to go back and none of the articles appeal to me..guess I'll just tap occasionally on their Twitter feed

        Finished the current issue on my commute this morning.  The articles on the Barkley Marathons and the cross country coach killed in the school shooting were both very good.  Even the article with New Balance shoe wearing Grandma was nice.

          I'm looking at the July issue right now and this is the first time in a long time that I actually want to sit down and read the damn thing.

          Here is the link for the article you were looking for


          Here’s More Evidence in Favor of Pre-Race Sex

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            Here is the link for the article you were looking for


            Here’s More Evidence in Favor of Pre-Race Sex


            Five positions that will save your legs on race day.  You won't believe number three!

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              I don't like the new format.  Pictures of someone's back shoulders is not appealing.  I'm guessing the magazine is phasing out.  Looking a lot like the quality of Running Times.  Too many pics and no content.  very frustrating. No more recipes which is a disappointment. The photography is poor at best. Not the magazine I subscribed to.

                Here is the link for the article you were looking for


                Here’s More Evidence in Favor of Pre-Race Sex


                Sorry for the delayed response. I've been... busy. I need to sign up for a lot more races this year.

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                  No more Ask Miles, Road Scholar, Newbie Chronicles and that Stop/Go/Frivolous/Serious graph thing.  Don't get me wrong, I've always loved the all the deeper articles.  But why cut out the other stuff?  Where is the balance?  Do we need to pull Yasso out of retirement to remind them not to take themselves so darn seriously?


                  Also MIA: Races & Places -- always a good way to discover interesting races around the count


                  I've also notice that it is becoming the incredible shrinking magazine. For July it's maxing out at 80 pages. Not that long ago it was averaging .from 112-120. . .


                  July did have some solid content - but an 8 page photo essay (Finished, pp 8-18) was missing the essay portion.

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                    The editor in chief page acknowledges all of their changes and the reasoning behind them. They are putting all of the more "light hearted" things online and are reserving the magazine for when you want to sit down and read something long form. I like it.

                      I've been a RW subscriber since the late 70's.  There have been a lot of changes over the years.  I remember when I bumped into a friend that had issues from the mid-70's and I had the chance to browse through a few of them.  They were very cool.


                      I think I liked the early style better because the sport was relatively new to the masses.  Articles covered a variety of subjects that were written to inform and share.  Sure, there were still plenty of Advertisements, yet there always seemed to be something for everyone.  I skipped a few articles back then, but enjoyed most of the articles, and columns.


                      Then in the mid 80's and early 90's the magazine started to change. It seemed like running was starting to take a backseat to basic fitness.  A lot of the issues became more like a general fitness magazine with a lot of pictures of runners, or a least what a model in running clothing would be if they actually were a runner.


                      Honestly, when Rodale Press stepped in, the magazine ceased to be solid running periodical. Understandably, numbers of subscribers became the goal of the magazine, and the writing began to fit a huge cross market in the attempt to appeal to all.


                      Through all of this, I've held onto my subscription.  I still read a lot of the articles, mostly to justify to expense.  The name of the magazine "Runner's World" still has the name that I admire, so I'll read it regardless of the content.  Kind of like waiting in the dentist office, when I'll browse through any magazine that happens to be sitting there.


                      Truth be told RW is still around, in print.  Which is amazing.  The old marathon and beyond magazine was a fantastic periodical, and it was not able to make it.  So, apparently, what I like is a hard sell in the business word.  At least the magazine is trying something, since I don't feel that the former (most recent) version was particularly fantastic.  Who knows, eventually we could see it revert back to the older version (mid 70's).  Retro is almost always a returning fad.

                        I got admit I was looking for a change when I heard Rodale was selling the Magazine. Hearst is not disappointing me!

                        Running shoe reviews every month is one thing I love about the new format. Another is the gritty photography. Everything in the old RW was so photoshopped especially the covers. Deep articles to read plus more than just marathon type race articles and beginner stuff like trail racing, college, and high school athletes.

                          Hmm, maybe I need to take a second look.

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                              Every running magazine is garbage. Their job is to sell you products by offering training advice that they know doesn't work. You give them a couple of bucks, and advertisers give them tens of thousands of dollars every month. Whose interest do you think they care most about???


                              The real joke is why nobody wants to read anything but the barf they shovel.




                              In other words, the same as your website. And what in the world does power lifting have to do with distance running?

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                                Sounds good.  They are still sending me a free subscription because Running Times got killed.  I felt like RW was pretty useless.  Maybe it will be better now!

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