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    ... does anyone have one they'd be willing to describe their experiences with?  My Shuffle died yesterday and I'm looking for a replacement that has a screen, more capacity, and will play my itunes library.  The Sansa seems to fit the bill and be cheaper, too.  


    Also, I've heard the new Nano doesn't deal well with even a little bit of sweat.

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      Haven't researched what you may mean by "zip", but I've been content with the Sansa Clip. 


      Likes: shape / size / ease of use of menus / FM radio (which used to be absent from iPod Shuffles) / seems pretty resilant.


      Dislikes: volume control under headphone connector hard to press while running versus being on other side / syncs via WMP rather than directly from iTunes (but WMP consumes your iTunes library and feeds that to the Sansa) / you can inadvertantly press pause when listening to radio which takes some time to figure out.


      MTA -- I just scanned the Sansa web site and looked at the Clip Zip.  None of my feedback above is valid, as the Clip Zip looks totally different from the Clip of my experience.

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        Bear in mind that if you've got any DRM protected AAC files they won't play without some workaround. I blame Wall Street.

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          Yep, Sansa Clip is a nifty little player.  Mine's three years old, so I'm not up on current models.  I think its sound quality was better than the Shuffle I had.

          Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

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            I've been using a Shuffle, so I have a combination of music/podcasts from iTunes and music ripped from CDs.  Not sure what format this means they are in ... will these play on a Sensa, do you think?  I'd hoped to get something with a screen to replace my Shuffle and would have probably gone with a refurb Nano, but have read that they aren't great for running (because they're very moisture sensitive).  When I did a quick search on other mp3 options, the Sensa Clip Zip looked the best.  I think the "zip" is just the latest version of the Sensa Clip.

              I like mine.  I had a nano for awhile and an ipod shuffle, but I prefer the sansa clip.  Customer service is really good.


              My first clip died on me in 3 months after I took it for a run in the pouring rain.  They sent me a replacement one in about a week after spending 15 minutes with me on the phone trying to troubleshoot.  I would recommend it. 

                I have a Sansa Clip and a Sansa Fuse.  Love them both...great little players and uber cheap.  I picked up both as refurbs from Newegg for about $20/ea. 

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                  Can anyone comment on the Sansa's compatibility with iTunes and Mac?  If all my music has either been bought through iTunes or ripped from a CD to it, will a Sansa work for me?  dgb2n says it's possible with an older model, but it takes some work.  Does the Clip Zip make this easier?

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                    Might be some insights in the manual for the Clip Zip, online here -- it talks about Mac synch and iTunes. 

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                      Thanks - I think the link you sent was just what I needed.  I guess I need to decide whether I want to add a moderate amount of hassle to loading music and podcasts before a run and pay $50 for a Sansa, or have no hassle at all by sticking with an iPod, but pay $109 for a refurb Nano.


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