Badly behaved ad? (Nordstrom) (Read 370 times)


    This might just be me, but if others are seeing this***, please chime in.


    There is a horizontally-oriented ad for Nordstroms shoes.  (so, top banner and/or before last post in a thread).


    It keeps detecting a clickthrough...and opens a Nordstrom page even though I'm not clicking anywhere near it. Ever.  I thought perhaps it was using a mouseover as a click behavior, but it isn't that simple.  I tested mousing over.  Nope. Essentially, it just seems to open up the Nordstrom site when generating the page... seemingly randomly, not always ... but COMMONLY.  And it is ticking me off.  I'm not going anywhere near that ad.


    Is anyone else seeing this?


    *** yes, folks, I'm aware that with an ad blocker I wouldn't see ads.  Or a nice subscription.  I'm one of those weirdos who subscribes but tells the site to show me ads anyway.  Because I find the ad technology kind of fascinating and maybe sometimes I'll click something (more revenue for eric).


    I guess these are counting as clickthroughs too, so hooray, but it is annoying.


      Huh, I would have thought that Google would not put up with that kind of ad.  Maybe they haven't caught it yet.


      I have ads turned off, because I don't feel like being annoyed.


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      Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.


        Now I'm not getting the ad at all (despite having the magic word in the page context), and before I was getting it 2 out of 3 ads.  Perhaps google pulled it.


        Although I put this in tech support, it isn't really a request for support... google's ads... as much as a "was this just me?" question about potential operator error.


        Too bad I don't need to order any shoes online from Nordstrom.  But I'd be SOL if I did now that the ad is gone.


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          I saw one earlier today that started on the right side and expanded to fill the browser window. I don't think it was Nordstom shoes. No matter how many times I tried to close it, it just kept coming back. It had a link in the upper corner to download a Google Catalog? It went away when I switched threads.


            I've seen one from the Huffington Post that expanded when I hovered over the ad.  At least it had the courtesy of a countdown before the expansion.  I have no seen the Nordstrom ad nor do I have control over its behavior.  I can, however, block specific ads.  I don't know if I get credit for these "automatic" clicks.  Google is "smart" enough to deem them as invalid and subtract them from the total.  Last month's deductions were quite significant.  Grr!

              I just hit went to a page with the Nordstrom ad.  It brought up a second tab and took me to Nordstrom.  I don't know if I accidentally clicked on the ad or not.  I don't think I did because Google does not want me to click on any ads.  I also haven't gotten another Nordstrom ad so I haven't been able to repro the problem.

                Do you get ad revenue just from displaying the ads, or only from clicks? I see ads on my laptop but not on the phone (I'm another who has it set to display ads.) Just curious.

                  Do you get ad revenue just from displaying the ads, or only from clicks? I see ads on my laptop but not on the phone (I'm another who has it set to display ads.) Just curious.


                  Ads are disabled for mobile devices because I don't want you to incur bandwidth charges for the ads.  If a large portion of the traffic comes from mobile devices, then I'll reconsider.  The majority of the ads require the users to click on the ad in order to pay out.  There are some ads that pay me for simply being displayed, although they average to be about $0.001 (that's 1/10 of a penny) per displayed ad.