Need Help Choosing a Treadmill for Basement (Read 32 times)

Steve in CT

    My old Trotter 400T treadmill has died.  It's a brand that was later bought by Cybex, but the Trotter models are a thing of the past.  One of its great pluses (besides a very solid running deck) was it's low step up height (distance from floor to top of deck).  I have it in my basement, and the ceiling there is quite low.  The Trotter had a step up height around 6 inches.  Very few, if any, treadmills are that low to the ground anymore.  I don't need it fold, I don't care about programs, electronics, fans, etc.  I just need something solid to run on that won't have me grazing my head on the ceiling.  I figure 7 inches is the tallest deck that would be comfortable.  Any suggestions?  I was thinking about a True M30, which lists the step up height at 6.7 inches, but Consumer Reports tested it and said it was 7.5.  So if anyone has a treadmill suggestion that works for my needs and is not more than $2,000 I would love to hear about it.