Are you among the 12%...? (Read 1194 times)

     But you can click on it if you want to.


    Speaking of clicking... I had a co-worker call me over this week to tell me her monitor was broken. She physically pushed the menu button on it then tried to navigate that menu using her mouse. She got pretty pissed off when the menu hid her pointer and she couldn't adjust the monitors brightness. She even tried clicking harder and that didn't help.


    What? Clicking harder didn't help?

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      I don't have sound turned on, so I just imagined I was saying it with the appropriate music, to get the effect.

      It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

        Huh..... I never heard of the "Rick rolled" reference..... I was thinking that it was a clever quiz on a true fact because the challenge was premised on "12% of the earth's population".... and we would assume because it was so easy for us that anyone could do it...... without thinking that less than 12% of the earth's population can read English.

          What? Clicking harder didn't help?


          I know it's almost automatic, but I love when my wife starts picking up the mouse and banging it on the mouse pad.  As if that's going to make the computer respond.


          I hear users over the wall of my cubicle doing that too.




          It's not going to help.