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    *Eric had nothing to do with this message but I just thought it would be a neat idea.


    Lets say that Eric decided to do an RA Marathon to help support the website cost but also gave some of the raised money to a charity would many of you be interested in doing that race?  I'm not sure where Eric lives but I am guessing the marathon would be close to where he lives and pretty flat.


    I think it would be pretty cool to put faces with the RA names.  Maybe if you are a RA member you get a shirt with your RA Name on it for the race or a different colored shirt.   What other cool things could the race do to make it special?

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      I'd rather just use the donate button.  But, if this marathon was chip timed and there were AG awards, I might show up.  And, if I could win RA arm warmers, I might show up.

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      My blog is JT Running DC.  It's awesome.

        I'd run it but would like a half option (still willing to pay full fee) and have beer involved.


        Thanks for organizing the event, BCR.

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          I'd rather just go to Nashville and drink Yazoo.


            Bring your own medal (get a random one back at the finish)

            Bring your own beer / post race food (pot luck style)

            Time yourself / popsicle stick finish chute

            What is your finish face photo - with instant upload to RA thread

            Someone with a video camera for some good post race interviews

            Screw charity, all money to RA


            I think maybe better than a marathon (because do we really need another marathon on the schedule? - plus this starts to look a lot like some other really hilly race in nashville) – to broaden participation, but still have a reason for people to travel…a 5K in the morning (civilized time, like 10:30 or something), then hang out at a park / beach for cookout (see bring your own above), then under the lights 1 mile track heats. Post race party on the infield. Of course, you’d need access to a track to do this, and the ability to have beer at the party. So that could be tough. But I’d like it.

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              Hashville is long way to go and I hear that the marathons around that area suck the monkey


              I'd rather just go to Nashville and drink Yazoo.

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                I'd rather just go to Nashville and drink Yazoo.




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                  Why not make it an odd distance so everyone goes home with a PR. We could race that at 10:30 than race a beer mile at noon. The beer mile could be live streamed on RA.


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                    I think it would be a fun idea, though I'm sure the chances would be slim that my schedule would allow me to participate, unless it's right in my backyard.


                    It also wouldn't be fair to expect Eric to serve as RD, unless he just really wanted to.  Dude runs a fairly big, fairly active website (MTA: and, I presume, has some other job), I doubt he has room on his plate to put on a race.


                    And I think having a 5K and a half marathon would serve the widest range of runners.

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                      I'd rather just go to Nashville and drink Yazoo.


                      I thought that race was the RA marathon...



                        I'd be okay if Eric kept all the money and invested it in keeping the girl, the lion and the tin man at bay.

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                          I'd be okay if Eric kept all the money and invested it in keeping the girl.


                          I know, right?




                            Love the Nashville love.

                            I'd rather just go to Nashville and drink Yazoo.


                              I think it is an awesome idea, and I know right where the this race should take place.......Cool


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                              12 Monkeys

                                Love the Nashville love.


                                It is not Nashville. It is monkey love.