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    Well, thanks, Ilana! Welcome to RA. Have you seen the "L&O" users group? There are a lot of migrants from the Marathoners, too. 


    Technically if you are trying to find it, it is LNO here.  BF has been renamed B&B.  And MRT is either in the middle of recreating itself or not.  But don't confuse "Marathon Race Training" with the already-existing Marathon Training.  Or Trailer Trash with Trail Running.  Although if you have the patience to surf lots of overlappy groups, there's good stuff happening all over the place and people talkin and stuff.



    Pace Prophet

      Yeah, it looks like L*O and the "Beginners" forum is where the ex-RWOLites are hanging.  MRT not so much but I suppose I can swallow my pride and see if the Beginners will take me.  (L*O has no choice...)

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