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    After too much thinking (and two colds in a row), I've finally started my couch-to-5k program! I have already done 4 sessions and I've found out that my well-known calf problems are here again. When I used to play football (7+ years go) I couldn't run for more than 12-15 minutes (I was a goalkeeper, though, so it was not such a big deal :p) because of pain in my calves. I eventualy stopped training, but the pain was still there when I walked at a fast pace. Now that I've began to run I am feeling it again, but strange enough, it's not when I run but when I walk (first weeks of the program combine walk and run). Actually, during the running intervals, I feel quite a lot of relief, with pain showing up in the following walking interval. The pain is located in the bottom, outermost part of the calf. It's shown in the following image: Any advise on this? Don't you find it weird that I feel the pain when walking, and NOT when running? Thanks in advance for your feedback Smile
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    keep running.

      No advice but I DIG the crayola pinpointing of your pain. Seriously I wish you luck in your mending quest! Smile
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        Try walking for several minutes, then stretch (you want to strech warm muscles). After you have completed your workout or your calves start hurting, stretch again. You are always going to feel uncomfortable in your calves, your brain is programmed to find something to stop you from doing something you really deep down do not want to do. Once you work out the calf issue through stretching, you will enjoy running much more and eventually your brain will begin to love running also. If your source of pain is located where you made the circle, there may be other issues, you circled where achilles pains normally is. Hope this helps.
          Thanks for your replies so far Smile Ummm, I don't think it is something related to Achilles tendon, I am pretty sure it is just muscular pain: plus, after stretching (at times the pain is so bar that I have to stop and stretch) the pain stops for a while... Also, it is something that happens in both calves, I am inclined to think that it's something that shows that something's wrong with my walking gait but of course I don't have the knowledge to know *exactly* what's wrong... Perhaps I should seek professional help...
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            toe raises and heel walks should work should work to strengthen and correct imbalances. in case you don't know, toe raises are when you slowly lift your heels so you are up as high as you can get on your toes and then slowly go down until you almost touch the ground. heel walks are exactly what they sound like. point your toes up as high as you can and walk.
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              From what little I can see, if you're walking 90 seconds and running 60 seconds and averaging a 10-12 minute mile, you're going really-really fast! Perhaps you're walking very quickly? On a couch-to-5K program the walks aren't designed to be power-walks, rather they're rest and recovery. Another thing I see is that your Mizumos are two years old... the insides of shoes break down, typically within 6 months, to the point where they can cause problems with your running. Your shoes may be the source of your problem... or it may be some tightness that might be resolved with a heel lift when you're working out and lots of stretching (yes, with warm muscles) afterwards. My best advice to you would be to see a podiatrist, especially one who specializes in running or sports medicine. If for some reason you can't do that, try some of the things suggested on this board, but know that advice you get from anonymous strangers on a website is usually worth exactly what you paid for it. Good luck. Be persistant about getting the problem fixed. Running - and walking! - shouldn't hurt like that. Janell

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                I agree with Wingz, one other question: Do you tend to run up on the balls of your feet? That can sometimes cause extra calf stress leading to more pain. You might try cycling for a while. The bicycle will still load your calves but do so in a less jarring manner. I used to think that riding a bicyle would exacerbate me sore achilles. Turned out to be the opposite. The only reason I have not gone back to running is I am addicted to the cycle. Oh, BTW get the clipless pedals and bike shoes. You will be happier for it. Cool



                  Try stretching your calf muscle with your knee bent. (sounds a little weird - but if you imagine the stretch for the calf - leg is straight, bend the knee and lower the hip - kinda like "sitting into" the stretch) it targets the Soleus by isolating it (Gastrocnemius is taken out of the equation by bending the knee) Hope this helps Smile