Cheating on your running shoes (Read 1846 times)

Demon of Bad Decisions

    I'm a Saucony girl.  Always have been.  I have tried a few other shoes, but nothing fits like Sauconys.  They wrap around my heel nice and snug, and have a ton of room in the toe-box.  But then there is their trail shoes.  They stink.  None of them seem to fit right, and the bottom of the shoe doesn't do much on anything but non-technical trails.  That is where LaSportiva's come in.  I love, love, love them.  You won't catch me cheating on them.


    One bad thing happened with my Sauconys this morning, though.  I had read some reviews that said the Guide 4's easily get holes in the toe of the shoe.  I didn't listen and just bought a pair.  I have never put a hole in the toe of a shoe, even after 600 miles.  This morning I noticed a hole.  I have 15 miles on them.  Ugh.  Time to find the duct tape.

    I want to do it because I want to do it.  -Amelia Earhart


      Maybe you feet are growing?

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      Demon of Bad Decisions

        Maybe you feet are growing?


        Shut up, you.

        I want to do it because I want to do it.  -Amelia Earhart


          That's funny


          I have had @ 70 pairs of Asics 1050s -1150s in the last 8 1/2 years.  I have tried to buy the 2100s - Way too cushiony.  I have tried a few pair of Nike, Brooks and New Balance - I have never been happy with other shoes.  I can get the Asics for $40-$50 a pair at end of each model year.  So not only do they make me happy, but its like dating / marrying a beer drinking woman.  A low maintenace, low cost date.


          If I found a different shoe or brand tomorrow that fit much better or was a lot cheaper - I would drop the 1100s in a second - I have no loyalty - But every time I try it is trhowing money away.


          My running revival started with Newtons in July 2010.


          I've bought six other pairs of Newtons, a couple of racers, one ill-advised stability pair, three trainers.


          I have Newton socks and  Newton tech shirt, and if not for Newton, I might not be at a point where I'm making significant progress as a born-again runner.


          But after attending a Danny Dreyer workshop, he suggested maybe other shoes might be better for what he's attempting to teach, so I bought a pair of Brooks PureFlows, and fell in love. I'm running a 5K race tomorrow in them instead one of my Newton racing pairs.


          I feel like I'm two-timing the Newtons and like I should try to sneak out of my condo before putting the Brooks on.

          7/20/17 #247 Comeback #19 ... 10/8 - Glacial Trail 50M



            They wrap around my heel nice and snug


            I'm not too particular about cup size on a pair.


            Now what were we saying about shoes?


              If I found a different shoe or brand tomorrow that fit much better or was a lot cheaper - I would drop the 1100s in a second - I have no loyalty - But every time I try it is trhowing money away.



              the grass is rarely greener on the other side, best to stick to what ya gots

              Hoodoo Guru

                I've been cheating on Nike with Asics periodically for years. 


                Also, I sometimes sneak out on a run without taking my dog, and I feel even more guilty.  I don't know how I live with myself some days.


                I was an Asics guy for years.  Bought a pair of cheap Nikes ($29) at their local outlet store and have been a cheap Nike man ever since.  Still use the Asics to mow the lawn though (a booty call of sorts, I guess.)

                The tangents are moot.




                  I've actually got some issues now with the Brooks, kind of that, "Wow, we're instantly and completely in love" euphoria morphing into, "Well, maybe there are some questions."


                  They're OK, but I really think that the extra cushioning was messing with my efforts to run more naturally, and I've always had pretty bad ankle flexibility issues, which I'm now thinking is the most important factor in Chi Running for me.


                  So the Brooks kind of heightened my Achilles issues, at least some. Then I pulled out the Newtons yesterday, ran 6 miles in them and -- much better. To test my theory, I did a hill workout (no small feat in Florida) today in the Brooks, with mixed results.


                  I'm taking a lot of what Danny Dreyer tried to teach me seriously, but on the issue of shoes, my current leaning is now not surprising: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." And I've had real good luck with Newtons.


                  Of course, Newtons have champagne tastes -- $175 for the base trainer, although I've bought enough that I usually get 10 percent off.


                  But in the end, I might end up going back to her, um, them.


                    I tried to cheat on my Sauconys yesterday. I went to the store with the intention of getting expert advice regarding the best shoes for my size, mileage, foot strike. I was certain the recommendation would be to try a different shoe than the Rides I've been running in for years...what did the gal bring from the vault ? The exact same shoe I have been wearing all these miles! I felt like singing..."Do you like piƱa colatas, and getting' caught in the rain...?"

                      Yes, it's exactly like that song. Good call.


                      Relationships with the opposite sex are tricky enough, but now I've got this going on.


                      Oh -- bought another new pair of Newtons, the new Distance model. Love 'em, but only for racing. The heels wear terrible -- although, if I was landing purely on the midfoot, that wouldn't matter, would it.


                      (Changed where to wear; my 35-year career: editing!)


                        Si... Newton doesn't put a lot of einsteinium into their heels.


                          I tried to this weekend.  I've run in Saucony's for most of my running life and am currently in the Hattori.  Tried a pair of Under Armour shoes this weekend.  They are going back, way too stiff for me.   

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                          "Running long and hard is an ideal antidepressant, since it's hard to run and feel sorry for yourself at the same time. Also, there are those hours of clearheadedness that follow a long run."  -Monte Davis

                            I'm a shoe company marketing guy's dream: I love buying new stuff that I don't need, and I'm convinced that the next one will be "The One".


                            (Uh oh, serious Babylon 5 flashback in progress!)


                            I've only been running a year, and I've bought, let's see... eleven pairs of running shoes!  Started out with New Balance, then went to Saucony, then briefly flirted with ASICS, then dallied for a moment with Brooks, then finally realized that, after all, I only really like the Saucony girls.


                            I really, really, really, really wanted to fall head over heels (!) for the Brooks PureConnect, but they weren't on my feet for more than a minute when I realized we needed to part company.  Too much cushioning, in all the wrong places.  Looked like a dream, felt like a nightmare.  Bummer!


                            Once you've grown accustomed to a really minimal shoe like the Hattori, it's hard to go back to anything that's a lot more shoe.  So, for now, it's the Hattori and the ProGrid A5 that always get taken to the dance.


                            Fun topic!

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                              I'm feeling a new pair of Newton trainers coming, which is $175 base (they give me 10 percent off). Kind of a sickness, although this would be it for a while.


                              I'm mixing the PureFlows into some workouts, but "they don't mean anything to me." I seem to be a Newton guy.