Treadmill training for marathon (Read 147 times)

    Having a treadmill, I think, can add a new element to your training. Now easy runs are actually easy, you can do an hour at a low HR and not have to worry about the wind and hills. I use it for runs before and after race day, that way I can ensure that I'm staying with in my zone. I also do a bunch of squats afterwords to make sure my butt stays strong. I also live in Duluth MN, have a 1.5 year old and a wife on night shifts so my running time is limited to about 8pm -9pm so the treadmill is nice for that.


    I do about 35% of my mileage on the treadmill, and try to get outside as often as I can, nothing beats the real thing.

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      I have a friend who lives in Miami and she does 95% of her marathon training on her treadmill.  I train for my 50ks on mine probably 80% due to living on a farm and someone has to be home.  I have a full gym set up at home so after work I can get a work out in.  I do try to get outside when I can especially for long runs but I have done 24 miles on the TM.


      That is me. Big grin


      It's fucking hot and humid in Miami and every year I have add more TM runs than before as we get hotter for longer.  My fastest marathon year was done on the TM for 10 months and I ran all three marathons the fastest I've ever done and consistent so it works for me.



        This gives me hope. I am the primary caregiver of 4 kids who are all now out of school for the summer, which I love also. But when they’re in school I have a 3yr old w me who is “trained” to stay in his stroller at the community clubhouse but I can tell it’s getting old for him. I can squeeze out a 45 minute run tops with him. Otherwise I mix up my 5ks throughout the week (speed run, intervals, hills) plus one outdoor long run. Really it’s just once s week that I get my long runs in and only up to 7.36 miles 😕