cross training shoes? (Read 27 times)


    hi everyone.


    soliciting some opinions regarding using cross training shoes for walking. low mileage walking, about 10.5 miles per week, divided into four sessions. walking is done on pavement.


    ok to use cross training shoes? or should i stick to running shoes?


    edit: should be 10.5 km per week. sorry about the mix up


      A good quality pair of cross training shoes should be fine for walking.  Many local running stores carry cross trainers and can fit you based on your activity level and gait.


      Whether you purchase a pair of running shoes depends on what other activities you are doing.  If the other activities involve frequent side-to-side motion (as opposed to he forward and backward motion of running and walking) then you need shoes like cross trainers that provide the additional support for side-to-side motion.  If you are just doing walking and running, then walking or running shoes that provide support for the fore and aft motion are probably the best idea.



        thanks for the tips. physical activity is limited to walking. i currently use asics hyper tri 3 for my walks, and i'm happy with it. i'm thinking of getting a shoe for doing errands that can serve as back-up to the asics in case it gets wet and doesn't dry in time for my next walk.