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    Hi all!


    I am on my city's park and rec board and have been given the task of organizing our city's Halloween 3k fun run. It's aimed at families and kids. It is a free event and people are encouraged to dress up. My budget is $1200 and we are expected to have 200 - 250 participants.


    I would love to hear any ideas on things you have seen done on fun runs for kids in the past that you liked!!!


    - It is held at a park where people run 3 laps. In past years they had a system where each lap you would get a mark on your hand, but that created a bottleneck so I am thinking of giving each person 3 popsicle sticks and having them drop one in a bucket at each lap?


    - Ideas for swag bags? In the past they have been filled with candy and dollar store junk. I would rather spend money to get a few nice things. I am getting water bottles with our race logos on it. Any other ideas?


    - We have a constume contest and give out pumpkins to the winners. I might beef that up with like a pumpkin and a small gift card or something.


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      Glowsticks are an inexpensive thing to give to all your runners, especially if you are running after sunset.


      I don't want dollar store junk. A water bottle is good and consumables are good, but don't overthink it.

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        Oooh! Love the glow stick idea. Thank you! I will use that for sure.


          Most people can keep track of three laps.  Not sure you need any system like hand marking or popsicle sticks.  I assume this is a non-competitive event.  If someone only wants to do one lap or two laps (especially smaller children) that should be fine.


          Maybe you can get some local businesses to donate stuff as well, especially if you acknowledge them at the event in some way.  Your budget is only $5/person, so you won't be able to give everyone "nice things" without some donations.


          The swag bag itself could be something nice.  Maybe intend it to be used by kids on halloween to collect candy.  It might be too late to get something customized.