Half Marathon, starting temp 22F, what to wear (Read 174 times)

    This is my favorite weather site.  It looks like the winds will have finished blowing through just before start time, so the wind chill and actual temperature is the same, around 27F.  May have to do away with the tights.


      I live down in central Fl but was up in ATL last week for work and got in a run around Piedmont Park on the morning when it was 38 and breezy.  Shorts and a long sleeve tech t did fine for me over the 8 mile/1 hour.   The only problem I had was forgot gloves so my hands were frozen.

      For a race I would need to agree with others and bring suggest more throw away layers.  Too much time standing around waiting for the start would not help anyone.  With temps being a little lower than I experienced it might be better to have one more layer up top or maybe arm Warmers but the legs should be ok unless it is wet/windy or you just don't like the cold.