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      Mike, here is the direct quote: "my running has been taken to a whole new level as a direct result of ChiRunning." if you were to read in my next post, I further clarified. Being new, I posted in a thread I thought I would enjoy, rather than going to do my profile first. I've added some info there now, but no real need to hang much with neg folks thx. YOU drew the conclusion you did all on your own, as I seach for your positive input, I must keep searching and searching, oh and searching........... still searching!
      Wow. You are new, have no profile and enter a pretty controversial discussion - but as Zoomers pointed out, the opinions to this point fell on both sides of the spectrum. Everyone with an opinion about the Chi running technique read the book. No, we didn't all go to a class. There were none local. And after reading the book I also personally didn't find it necessary to spend the money on a class. Back to my point. You enter a thread on a board where you don't really know people. Jeff, Mikeymike, Scout, Trishie ... they are all seasoned runners with respectable results. Instead of getting to know them and starting a good discussion - you get all passive-aggressive. What do you expect? My improvements in my running came from running more, running harder, training my core and cross training. Strengthening core muscles automatically improved my form. We accept that you relate your great results to the Chi running technique. Please accept our opinions as well.

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        My apologies to all here!!! When I first logged in, I read some comments & took them in a negative way, my bad interpratation. I became the problem, not the solution. SO, I extend my apologies to each and everyone of you!


          so back to the point..... what are the benefits if any that have not already been discussed. I have no experience with the Chi running but based upon what i have read from those who have tried or read about it is it helps you with your form and based upon assumption your mental strength. I consider myself open minded and i would like to know more even if what it comes down to is more running equals better form and times. For some people a "package" makes things flow better and leads to over all success.