Fuel Belt, Camel Back or Other? (Read 1625 times)

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    l just ran my first trail marathon, and my setup bugged the cr&p out of me. I had a  light hydration pack, but since I couldn't stand the bladder & tube thing I put amphipod bottles on the waistband.  I didn't mind the weight distribution, but everything besides water required taking the pack off, and those bottles on the waist belt made that clumsy and annoying.  I would have taken 5x more pics during the race had my camera been easy to get at.


    Based on this I shelled out this week and got an Ultimate Direction vest, the mid-level "Scott Jurek" version.  Even though he's a vegan, his needs matched mine pretty well.  Wink



    Things I like :

    1) high short vest fits closely to upper ribcage. Super comfy and stable.

    2) no bladder.  2x 20oz bottles (included) in drawstring pouches up front.

    3) hooks to very easyily secure trekking poles to sides of pack.

    4) tons of little pockets for gels, pills, snacks, etc. that are accessible w/o removing the vest.

    5) weight of vest is pretty darn close to 0.

    6) flexible layout.  I plan to use one bottle up front plus my camera. can use smaller bottles.

    7) The quality of materials and attention to design seems very high.  Some of the other brands I looked at just felt cheesy and uninspired.


    Some criticism/cautions:


    1) You must try it on in person and choose one that fits : adjustments are very limited.

    2) The placement of the "jugs" is very, uh, suggestive.  Might be awkward for a guy, downright unworkable for a gal.  I've got a sense of humor, so I think I'll do okay.

    3) Price.  $125.  Not the highest, but can seem a bit absurd for carrying a little water.

    4) I really wish one of the side belt mesh pockets were bigger.  Almost holds my phone, but not quite.


    Anyway, it's still new so I haven't trail tested it yet.  I'll report back in a week or so.

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      I like Ultimate Direction. I just picked up a 20oz handheld with strap. Nice pocket in it. easy open widemouth top. Ive been running 5 miles in the heat and humidity. picked it up for 10k - HM races.

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        I like the Camelbak waistpack for trail runs.  It stays stable and isn't hot on my back.   The bladder shrinks as I drink so there is no water shifting like with a bottle.



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          I have  a Camelbak Marathoner vest and am quickly becoming very fond of it!

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            I have found that 50 cent disposable water bottles annoy me the least. They conform to your hands, they are light and if you run through civilization between your house and the woods you can toss it in a trash can on your way back. I usually squeeze some of the air out as I drink the water so it won't slosh around so much. They are cheap enough that it's worth trying. 

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