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    I don't eat much or at all before a run shorter than 8 (sometimes even 10) miles. If I ate what you did, I would be lethargic because my body was processing all that food.  Depends on what you're used to.


    I think you might have been feeling the effects of your cold more than a lack of food/energy.


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      For a 5k i eat what i do every other day, a bowl of cereal. Sometimes i'll eat a banana an hour before the start.


      Sometimes i'll run 4-8 miles to the race and then run the race. I still don't eat anything different. In the summer, i'll be on the road at 5-5:30 am and won't eat anything and run my 10-15 miles. But, taht is a different way of your body burning fat.

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        I have run all my best times up to 15 miles after eating nothing in the morning.

        I do all my running in the morning and never eat before running.

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          My guess too, is that a lot of what you were feeling was a result of your illness.  My favorite "go to" food for before a race is a bagel with cream cheese.  That is what I eat, for up to a 1/2 marathon.  But I am not eating at a calorie deficit on a regular basis, so that may affect things too.  What do you normally eat before you run?  When you train in the am, what do you normally eat?  I have heard lots to experiment with your food on training runs, and to not try anything new before a race.  I have found that my stomach can take about anything before a run, so I don't really worry about making myself sick from food I would normally eat.  Some things I have tried, that have worked well for me before runs (13 miles or less) would be...

          Steal cut oats with banana and PB2

          Oatmeal with milk and craisens

          Bagel with cream cheese

          PBJ sandwich

          Cream of wheat with blueberries and an egg in it.

          Bagel and egg sandwich

          English muffin sandwich with Canadian bacon and an egg cooked with spinach.

          and occasionally

          left over pizza Big grin


          But I will normally run anything under 10 on an empty stomach if it is in the am.


          I hope that helps.  I am not one for protein bars and I don't like cliff shot blocks because they are too big to chew for me Smile  Plus they are basically expensive fruit snacks.  When I do need something specific to eat when I am running, I eat raisins.  They work just as well for me as shot blocks (I am too chicken to try gel) or stingers, and they are cheaper and I like them.  But I do acknowledge that raisins are evil for lots of people!

            I prefer energy gels. They are real easy to digest and work real fast. I usually take one just before a 5K just for a little extra something.