Off for three weeks (and counting) - how long till I'm back to "normal"? (Read 215 times)


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    I've heard 2 days for every 1 day off, though it differs depending on your level of activity prior to taking the time off. Expect the first week to be a little rough - after that, you may bounce back quicker than you expected. I currently took a month or two off and am getting back into it myself, as I have a race coming up in April and can't slack off any longer. It's rougher going this time because I my training was rather sporadic for most of the year, but I'm hitting my slow paces on the regular. Good enough for me right now.


    Good luck with the races, Di!

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      Probably not long to get back. I quit running in Oct 2010 and started up again in July 2011, 9 months completely off running (except for 1 run in Feb where I failed to convince myself running is fun). After the re-start, it took 1 month to get back to my prior race pace. I was new to running so I had little base, if any, to speak of back then.

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        Last week was my first week back after nearly 4 weeks off of my "normal" ~30 miles/week, in part due to a trip to Africa as well. It was a little brutal. My HR was significantly higher at my "normal" pace, and workouts/routes that had felt fine suddenly had hills I had never noticed before.

        For me, the mental part is the toughest. I want to push when I should be taking it easy. Either way, it might feel harder, but you'll get there.

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          You're normal now.  Running is an aberration.


          How quickly your fitness returns depends on how hard you work and hou long a fitness history  you have.  Just take your time coming back and you'll be surprised how quick it is.  Rushing recovery can make it take longer.