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    Finishing up week 10 of Coolrunning's HM 12 week training program - it called for a 12 miler today. I took a couple days of this week after developing painful shin spints. I had searched here for advice - saw that ice and rest were the most common suggestions so I did that for three days. Anyway, felt great this morning (no pain at all) and decided to get this long run out of the way. My time wasn't great - but I am also taking advice of people who say to do long runs easy. Anyway, I got it done. Actually did about 12.5. I felt good. My longest run under my belt now. I had been running pretty much the same runs (3-5 miles at about 9:30 pace) for the past 3 years - probably no more than 30-40 miles a month. Started this program to add more variation to my runs and work towards a goal of HM on May 4. If you look at my log you will see there has been a change in the variety and length of my runs over the past 10 weeks. Feel free to offer any advice. I would like to get my pace faster. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

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      For me, I have found that I have just gotten faster by running farther. I just finished my last long run for my HM and it was 15 miles. I think the farther you go, the more you run, the faster you get. Good luck! What time are you looking at to finish in?

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        Great job! I'm glad the shin splints didn't give you any trouble during your run. Increasing my distance has helped me run faster, although I'm not exerting myself more. My average pace has decreased by 2 minutes per mile since the beginning of December! I'm still a turtle, but I feel good about that. Good luck getting ready for May 4! You'll have to post a good report for those of us training for our first HMs!

          Here's something to make you feel better...i went from running 6:30 pace for my training runs in november to like 8 minute pace about a month ago....yeah don't take breaks...its bad. But i am getting back down there again. I should be crushing it again by june.

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            Looks to me like you're doing everything right - just keep doing it, add some more miles (slowly and carefully!), maybe another day of running during the week, and more speed will come. Improvement in running happens over months and even years. More important than improvement is having fun and not getting injured! Good luck on your half and enjoy the day. Arla

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              Hallo, I'm still pretty new in this running thing (15 months) to give any valuable advice, but this is the one I got, and worked in my case: Try to run at least 4 days per week, don't care that much about the pace, just run easy, you're supposed to enjoy this adventure. I believe previously to my first HM I was doing 3 x 12 km per week + 1 x 26, and it was quite fun actually. I did that HM in 1h 43'. 4 months later and running 70-80 km/week at more or less the same pace as in the past, I managed to do a HM in 1h 37'. So, at least in my case, the theory of LSD paid off. Rafa

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