London to Brighton 57 mile ultramarathon race report (Read 1009 times)

    This has been an epic weekend for me just gone, the culmination of 9 months training and hard work, it was made even sweeter when at 13.4 miles into it I reached my 1500 miles for the year which allows me to hit 2000 miles by the end of the year if I continue the training at the current level.


    My apologies for the length of this report, it was a long race measuring 57.4 miles and there is a lot to say


    London to Brighton 2009 - Race Report

    I am very tired now with a few niggly injuries but expected

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      Wow what an accomplishment! I can only admire you - I'm training for my first marathon, and as of yet have no desire to do anything longer than that!
        That's a LOT of "little steps" Jerry, congratulations on a job very well done.

        Greater Lowell Road Runners
        Cry havoc and let slip the dawgs of war!

        May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, may the sun shine warm upon your SPF30, may the rains fall soft upon your sweat-wicking hat, and until you hit the finish line may The Flying Spaghetti Monster hold you in the hollow of His Noodly Appendage.

        You'll ruin your knees!

          Fantastic!  Congratulations... I enjoyed the report, have been looking to hear something all day!


          Lynn B

          ""...the truth that someday, you will go for your last run. But not today—today you got to run." - Matt Crownover (after Western States)

            wow, amazing!
              Great run, great report - thanks for sharing it, and congratulations!


                Congratulations.  Great report.  The pictures were lovely and really added to the report.  Tell me, what did you eat /drink after the run?
                "Remember; no matter where you go, there you are."- B. Banzai

                  Fantastic Jerry!  You've even got me slightly tempted to try this mad race next year, only slightly though!


                  I cannot comprehend 57 miles of running.  Hat's off to you mate!

                    Congratulations.  Great report.  The pictures were lovely and really added to the report.  Tell me, what did you eat /drink after the run?

                     Directly after the run I was given a 2 litre bottle of water of which half was drunk and the other half went over my head and then onto my legs.


                    About an hour after the run after we got home I drank a lovely cup of SWEET tea, I couldn't face anything to eat especially sweet stuff even though my girls had made a "Well Done" cake. So at about 11.00pm that night I had a Marmite sandwich, 2 bottles of cider and some peanuts.


                    On Monday and Tuesday I had cravings for all things protein and fruit based

                    A runners blog-updated daily

                      I just now got to read your report. Great work!

                      Speed my steps along your path, according to your will.

                      straw man

                        Congratulations on a fantastic achievement, and kudos for the gripping write-up. Any report that has the phrase "greasing my nuts and arse crack" in the second paragraph is going to grab the reader's attention. That never gets old.

                        But seriously, thanks for sharing this experience.

                        He who has the best time wins. Jerry