Facebook app and the status posting (Read 545 times)


    I've noticed that when viewing the RunningAhead workout status update on normal Facebook, it gives a nice summary of the workout- date, time, distance, pace, and note.  Very nice.  But when I view the same status update via my iphone Facebook app, it doesn't include the distance and pace. Any way we can get those elements integrated into the status update?


    Thanks again, Eric.



      I assume you're referring to the status updates on your wall.  When you log a new workout, RA sends the status to FB.  FB then takes the data and displays it on your wall.  At this point, FB takes full ownership of the feed.  I believe FB is formatting the contents for different browsers.  For mobile devices, it's removing some of the details to save space.  There's nothing I can do about this.


      On the other hand, if you're referring to the application pages, then it could be a bug and that's something I will have to look into.

        Thanks Eric,

        I was talking about the mobile app for FB.  And it does appear they remove some info from the status post because of room.  I'm just wondering if you could map the RA fields differently so that this info is displayed in the limited way that FB does things.  I'm attaching a screenshot of my iphone to demonstrate what runkeeper looks like. from what I can tell, they are just mapping fields differently.  I hope this is helpful and again, thanks for your effort!




        screen shot from my iphone

          Thanks for the screen shot.  I'll add it to my list of todos.

            Yeah no problem Eric.  Thanks again!