Training Plan Templates (Read 32 times)


    Hi, either I've missed the feature existing or it perhaps doesn't yet.


    1. An votable training plan module, which allows folks to up-vote training plan templates as assigned to specific events and goals would be an excellent feature. Example: Under 1/2 Marathon "Beginner" the top 10 training plan templates (as submitted by your users) could be reviewable and selectable for use and further voting.


    2. The training plan templates shouldn't alllllways be calendar dependent. If I create a 1-week training plan and would like to use it as a template, it shouldn't necessarily autopopulate to the calendar. Instead I should be able to drop in a 1 or 2-week or 1-month plan in to a calendar, at which point that calendar is associated with the template.


    Use-case: Nick (me) designs a 1-week bike/weight schedule to cover running injury and a 3-week running/weight training schedule. To create my calendar I drop in (because I'm injured) the 1-week recovery schedule 3 times in consecutive weeks and then add my first running-schedule (doesn't have to be 3 weeks, and that's a weird number, but I"m sure you get the idea).


    Thanks for considering and keep up the good work!


    - Nick