Pfitz question: Recovery between MP runs and half marathons (Read 290 times)

    Quick question. Is 8 days enough recovery in between a marathon pace run (eg: 18 w/12 @ MP) and a half marathon? At first I figured I'd just replace the MP runs with the halfs. But I'm itchy to run fast. I feel good. But I don't want to step on the gas too much too soon. 


    Background: Running Philly 11/18 and following a hybrid Pfitz 18/70 - 18/85 (a little more than 18/70, a little less than the 18/85)


    9/15 - 18 w/12 @ MP

    9/23 - HM


    10/13 - 20 w/14 @ MP

    10/21 - HM


    * My sense is that the 9/15 and 9/23 would be fine but the October runs might be too much too close to the goal marathon. 


      I actually think both are fine. A lot depends on what you plan to do between the MP runs and the HMs, but those big workouts on their own should be fine. You may have to adjust based how you are recovering and what other life stresses show up, but that's just how it goes.  In general, when I have been in marathon training I have found I recover very quickly from the MP runs--usually a couple days later I'm feel fine (or as fine as you ever feel during a marathon build up.)


      If I were you, I'd plan to do both but leave myself the option of bagging the last HM or turning it into a progression run or something if I was really dragging.

      Runners run.

        Depends on a lot of things, like how fast you recover and if you are running at your current marathon pace (fitness level) or your goal pace. You are supposed to do them at current fitness level but a lot of people make the mistake of running them faster than their current MP. Either way, I personally require at least 3 days to recover fully, but ymmv. If you can't recover in a week from your MP run then you probably were running faster than MP.