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    Hang in there, Claire! We're coming for a virtual visit for this month's Virtual Race... will you play hostess and post a few extra photos? http://www.runningahead.com/groups/virtual/Forum/0f77c904f11e4872a3d9bad8912b1aba

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      Hey, Claire...seeing as how it's still Summer by you, can you get some swimming in? It's not running, but it would still help you keep your lungs in shape, as well as your muscles. I hope the remainder of your healing progresses fast and well. Starting from scratch isn't all bad--this time around you know what not to do and you will come out better and stronger in the end! Smile k

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        Hi Claire, Sorry I haven't been on here for ages and I've just read your progress. I'm sorry you're still struggling with your leg but your certainly getting the best help, good old ACC hey!!!! The shoe clinic is where Col got his trainers from when he was having knee problems and they were brill and no more pain!! They did cost a bit but you don't mind when you can see the benefits like he has. Brilliant running by you at Waiheke, you must be so chuffed I was so pleased for you when I finally saw the results, I had given up looking for them they took so long to be posted!! We went up to Auckland this weekend, Col did the Cathay Pacific half with Ian, they both ran really well and are well on track for their marathons in April. I'm finding it hard to motivate myself at the moment I think it's because I have nothing to work towards so I need to find an event to enter!! The soccer training starts this week so I'll go and give that a go and see if that gets my enthusiasim back again, even if it makes me do more so I'm not the old slow one at the back!!!! Take good care, best of luck with your leg, once you get the all clear you will soon get your fitness level back and then there will be no stopping you, you'll still be on track for the Auckland full in Oct/Nov. Hope the kids are all ok and not running off on you cause they know you can't chase them!! Big grin Be Good, Lynxx

          Podiatrist... Orthotics... All new words for me in english, but it seems to be about the same thing that is happening to me. Here, the podiatrist (look, I'm learning!) gave me snepcial inner soles for my running shoes and they do help - although he is adjusting them now because after my right leg improved the left leg started to hurt (which cuaused my DNF of two weeks ago). Still, he is confident that another modifcation will help - it seems to be quite normal that there is some trial and error involved. Hope tey get it right first time for you, but even if they don't, I'm sure they will be able to help you. They'd better... We need to see you running again! bas

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