I used to love jogging...Did a 5k 2 years ago..any tips? (Read 725 times)


    Hi everyone i am pretty much new to running..well i used to jog and run very slowly 2 years ago i even did a 5k 2 years ago i finished in last at 54 minutes but i did not care i walked on air until a foot problem got in the way then i could not get back on track But back then i started on treadmill at 235 pds i could not run more than 1 and a 1/2 minute within a few weeks i was running comfortably 8 minutes or more i loved the 5k..but slowly i stopped running and now am 250 I need good tips on how to run again...I really want to do a 5k in less than 1 month in late June for a really good cause and since i am already active..i think it's practical Smile i already do Zumba and Yoga..so i am not new to exercise. I also have a long time dream to run a half...half marathon i know it's a hefty goal...i have little time left until the race that they have here locally IT"S in Hartford October 15th..is it IS IT at all possible to train for that half without injuring myself and IS it plausible?


    I have been playing around with this idea for at least 1 month..IF i start training today June 7th and do my 5k comfortably in 45 minutes by June 26th would it be too late to train for that half in October? I know i have little time and i am not sure it's wise to start this late..I do not want to get injured. I just need tips...Smile CAN i do it?? i know i could i even walked in Italy 5-6 hours and did not die..SO yeah i have stamina !! BUT i want to finish the half under 3 hours 1/2 because that's when the roads are open again..


    Basically is it reasonable and is it healthy to want to do this by October??? Has anyone trained that fast? and how can I DO IT?? Should i start training for the half right now? OR after my 5k? I just need some guidance and tips..and i do know about having good shoes and running  shoes i learned the hard way 2 years ago..LOL but i really do not want to risk injury with the half...And if ya all say i need to wait then i will wait for another half in either Winter of 2011 or spring 2012...Please any ideas or tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!!   


    Sorry i got so long winded!! Thanks for any advice..Smile) Have a good running day Smile)


    P.S. and Does anyone have any good eating tips on how to eat before running? and after running? And how much water to drink during the runs?



    Thanks again!!



      Well, first of all, your plan to run a half this year is a little ambitious, in my opinion.  Maybe you need to just focus on getting started, first.  Check out the Couch to 5K training plan, here http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/181.shtml It takes awhile for the weight to come off (I know).


      As for your race at the end of June, maybe you should plan to run/walk the race.  No harm in that!  There will likely be other walkers as well.  And, who cares if you finish last, if you finish!Wink

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        Oh, I should add, there is a couch to 5K group on this forum...check it out!

        Michele in NC


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          Yeah you can do it, just don't put a time goal up. go do it and have fun.  All sorts of folks do half marathons, it isn't just a home for the elite. Enjoy it, if you have to walk some of it hey who cares :-)

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            It would not be impossible.  I'm sure some people could physically do it.  It depends what your overall goal of jogging/running is ... a move towards a regularly active hobby to continue as long as possible or to get in shape to "do a 1/2 marathon" because you want to check it off your list?  There are many road races & many years to run them.  I think you run the risk of mental or physical burnout or injury if you just set out on this quest.  Don't get me wrong - a goal is great, it's what gets us going in the first place sometimes and/or KEEPS us going.  HOWEVER, if you want to live an active lifestyle, CONSISTENTLY, that includes running ... I would pick a 5k or two and a 10k or two after that (around the time of that 1/2) and just work on running regularly and being strong for those races ... by Spring, if you're still feeling good, running regularly, a 1/2 would actually be an enjoyable higher mileage goal and you could transition your training from a strong base & you would have a lot less pressure than you would if you just jumped into training for a 1/2 right now ... of course, that's just my humble opinion!  Props for wanting to put your body to the test!  Let it be a long term quest and you will embrace the greater time frame to train properly and allow your body the time and respect it needs to adapt to new demands!!!