Kid's 1 mile?? (Read 55 times)

    Why is it always a kids 1 mile along with a 5k etc... vs. Kids plus adults who want to race a 1 mile?



    I just think it would be another fun option...and wouldn't really require any changes or additional requirements, if anything maybe release the adults a minute or 2 earlier?



    any thoughts?



    I know some adult 1 milers exist, they just seem few and far between...and it seems like most of these 5k's offer a kid 1 mile...

    300m- 37 sec.

      Let the kids have their fun run.


      Mile races aren't hard to find ... if you're really looking for one. I advise giving an honest seed time though--there's nowhere to hide in a mile.

      Runners run.

        That's a thought provoking question PVM. And I'm amazed it doesn't come up all the time. I mean, we're all thinking it, amirite?


        Anyway, the investigative thread team at RA asked Kendall Goodrich, chair of the marketing department at the Wright State University business school in Dayton, and he chimed right in...


        "If everyone ordered off of this kids menu, then they wouldn't make any money," says Goodrich. He says kids menus are mainly a way to get families through the door. "If someone has small kids, you get the kid in at the lower price and what they're hoping is that they'll get the adults to pay full price."


        Stay tuned for more from the team, as we take a critical eye to your running queries, getting the bottom (sometimes literally) of it all.

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          I agree, don't want to be the only adult in a kid's 1 mile race, lol.


          I ran a 3k kind of like that, but it said adults, whoever... won my age group but lost to quite a few kids! lol.


          I occasionally see a mile race, 1 local one was cancelled last year, I see the Chicago Shamrock Shuffle added a 1 mile race option this year, which is cool, although, I'd rather run a fast 1 mile after some training, and in warmer conditions.


          I think there may be 2, 1 mile races I know of coming up this next season I may target.


          I suppose I could always race the 1st mile of a 5k as an option, Smile

          300m- 37 sec.


          One day at a time

            I came in next to last in the only one-mile race I entered!  I was a new runner and thought, "Oh, I can do a mile!" not thinking about the fact that people would actually be running it pretty fast, ha.  I beat a six-year-old.  Smile