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    At what mileage level do you usually begin to bring water with you?
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      It depends upon temperature, as much as mileage...but generally anything over about 8 miles has me bringing some fluids. I'm slow, so 8 miles takes me around 1.5 hours, generally. For 9-10 miles I might just bring my 20oz hand-held bottle, but for runs longer than that I will wear my Amphipod Full-Tilt belt with a 20oz. bottle of Gatorade and 2 10.5oz. bottles of plain water. I've used a 45oz Camelbak in the past, too...works well, but you're limited to a single beverage and it's kind of a pain to clean. The Amphipod bottles are great to just throw in the dishwasher. k

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        How much would you drink at a time? Would you stop to drink it? I feel silly, but I'm not sure if I understand out hydration on the go works. Most of the time, I am just hot on my skin. I run through people's sprinklers as much as possible. Big grin

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          I'm not a big fan of carrying water, so I have to be running at least 15 mi before I consider dragging along a water bottle. Although I know that isn't the safest plan of attack... I guess I would suggest bringing water if you're running more than an hour.

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            I try to do my long runs near home where I have my planned water fountain stops. Most municipalities have restrooms and water. When I am away I usually limit my long runs to 12 milers or less and go without--or if it's really warm I'll bring, but it's rare.
              I bring water for all my runs when the weather is hot. When it's not so hot out I only bring water when I'll be running more than 5 miles.


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                I usually won't carry water with me unless I am running for more than 2 hours (20 miles or so). If it is convenient, then I try to plan runs when it is really hot around where I can get water without having to carry it. In fact, I almost never carry water with me. If I am going to be running somewhere where it won't be convenient to carry it, and I am going to need water along the way (even if it is a shorter run) and I can't convince somebody to meet me there with it, then I will just stash some along the route I plan to run. If you bury the water, then it will even stay cool / not get boiling hot.

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