can't make a training plan (Read 112 times)

    If it's not working for you, how do you know it looks right?  ;-)


    Oh!  Could you check to see if there are any JavaScript errors?  I seem to remember that one instance where the script file wasn't downloaded properly, and pressing Ctrl-F5 to force a reload seemed to have fixed the problem.


      Ctrl-F5 didn't work


      This should work for a screenshot


        I noticed that if I drag the workouts too quickly, the browser would select the text instead of dragging.  Try this.

        1. Move the cursor over the Run workout, you should see gray dots on the colored tab to indicate it's draggable

        2. Click on the workout without moving the mouse.  Hold the cursor over the workout for 1 second.

        3. Try dragging it onto the calendar


        One more thing, do you have any anti-virus software installed?


          Well I was just able to try it on a different computer and it worked fine. So at least I know it's a problem with my computer. No explanation (I haven't had any similar trouble with my computer), but at least an answer. I'll have to use a different computer to make the plan.


          Thanks for for all the troubleshooting