I have a feeling RA might be getting more members from RW (Read 2530 times)

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    I only created a RA account yesterday. But I was so impressed by the 'Damn Spam Bots' thread that I immediately made my $10 donation.


    AMANDA!  Smile

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      Is there a trail/ultra group around here?

        Is there a trail/ultra group around here?


        Both.  The ultra forum is, presently, more active.  The trail runners forum could always use fresh blood.

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          SRL would know, but you might check out the groups section.




            Whoops, I was too slow!

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              Both.  The ultra forum is, presently, more active.  The trail runners forum could always use fresh blood.


              Thank you!  It's the opposite over at RWOL.

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                    Thank you!  It's the opposite over at RWOL.


                    That's because when RW "upgraded" about 6 yr ago, they split the trail and ultra forum into 2 forums. The thread history - and many of the trail and ultra peeps - went to the trail forum. I believe that's also when RW lost the ability to quote part (rather than the whole thing) of a prior post and also when they lost the multi-branch thread ability.


                    That's how we used to tell who was new to the forums - the new ultra folks posted in the ultra forum and those who had been around just posted in trail forum - regardless of distance. Trail folks aren't very good about telling mileage.


                    I think the Training forum was split into Training and 5k, 10, HM (or whatever it's called) - also resulting in confusion as to where to post.


                    That's when the runandgo forum was created.


                    It seems like it's about every 2 or 3 yrs, RW goes through some sort of regeneration. It's an interesting business model they have.

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                      Hey, all. I can't load RW forums at all this morning. I'm about ready to give up over there, except maybe for the trail forum and winter running contest. Although if the other trailers come over here...

                        the site seems to be down AGAIN

                          Hello everyone!

                          My name is Eric and I'm the creator of RunningAHEAD.com.  I don't usually participate in non-administrative threads but I'm popping in to welcome all the RWOL users to RunningAHEAD.  I prefer to be hands off so that you can express your opinions freely.  These forums have moderators but they are only allowed to censor the occasional spam.  I do expect everyone to treat each other with civility and thus far, the self governance kept RA’s forums a welcoming place for everyone.


                          Some RWOL users are reluctant to give RA a try because its forums are not as active.  The greatness of an online community is not the software it uses but rather the conversations of its users.  RA can become a more vibrant place if we all join in the conversations.


                          Rodale is a corporation, with many shareholders that demand revenue and profits.  My guess is Training Peaks approached Rodale with the offer that if RW transfers all of its users to TP, TP will give Rodale a percentage of the premium membership fees it collected from RW’s users.  Rodale agreed because it is an additional revenue that it did not have with the “classic” free training log.  I can’t tell you the short sightedness of this decision.


                          Unlike RWOL, my primary focus is on you, the users.  Don’t get me wrong, I like to be rich, but I always believed that we can form a symbiotic relationship where everyone benefits.   My success depends entirely on your satisfaction of RA, where as it’s just a job to the RW folks that read and maybe respond to your comments.


                          Anyway, that is my sell.  If you become an RA user, I will take good care of you.  Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone in the US and a great day to everyone else!


                          eric Smile


                            Nice one Eric, I joined 5 years ago as a result of the Cool Running fiasco, your efforts are appreciated by your disciples on this side of the pond and if you ever visit the UK there is a beer behind the bar for you.

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                              So we can drop the F-bomb in here? Over on RWOL I got a talking to for using a workaround d to call Hurricane Sandy a bitch and some lame-o reported me. I think I like this place already. Smile

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                                Hey, welcome Flippy!

                                Not if it makes sense.