I turned 26 yesterday... (Read 697 times)


    So I celebrated with a 26 mile trail run(5:33:00). I took it easy since I hadn't done a long run that long in some time. I chose the sewanee perimter trail which was pretty challenging at the University of the South. I wanted to celebrate it in a unique way so goal accomplished.

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      *shakes cane* Whipper Snapper! NICE run...wow. And I thought 7 on my 35th (one mile for each 5 years) was cool. Wink

      '20 Goals:

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        WOW! That's awesome, Great job! I can't imagine running that many miles..people like you really inspire me to try harder at what I do though...thanks for that!!! Smile
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        Hoping to Run Again :-(

          Very cool! On my last birthday I was finally building some stamina after rehabbing an injury. I was thrilled to do 6 miles on my 37th Big grin Happy belated birthday!
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