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    You could just sell some heat-transfer RA logos and we can all put them on our fave tech stuff we've already got. I'm more than willing to buy some and slap them on my running duds!
    I don't think you can do heat-transfers with tech fabric, but I might be wrong.

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      want! & would buy! definitely: short & long-sleeved shirts -- i think everyone would be into these. i'd also be stoked to see running skirts w/ briefs, track shorts, hats & singlets. i know there are runners of all sizes, here, but please don't neglect your smaller-end pals! i also agree w/ the notion of coming up w/ a logo-- i think "RunningAHEAD" lends itself just fine to shirts & hats, and the full name and/or url is probably the best way to advertise the site-- but sometimes there's an elegance to a logo-only piece of clothing that looks good and also says, "hey, look: recognizable brand!"... see "swoosh" as an example of this i guess. it's funny, i was just thinking of this the other day. this is my first year racing since high school, and i'm realizing that the running/racing "scene" around here is very much like the punk rock music scene i grew up with (probably any other scene or community, as well). you go to these events both small and large, local and non-local, and you start recognizing people from this previous event or that one, and you notice all the shirts. and you've got the regular ol' folks who are there b/c they just like to *participate* in their scene of choice, and you've got the awe-inspiring elite runners who are at the center of that scene of choice, and ...well, they're pretty much the rock stars of running, aren't they. anyway, yesterday @ the sheehan classic, i was thinking about band t-shirts, and how they always told me who my potential new friends were whenever i went to a show or hustled across campus or whatever. and right in the middle of the race (on a stupid little hill that was feeling really annoying at that moment for some reason), you know what i was thinking? "i bet there are some runningahead people here. we should have RA shirts so we could pick each other out of the crowd!" and er, offer each other support on crappy little hills...

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        This is an interesting idea. I think the biggest challenge to overcome is buying in enough quantity. If you go direct to some Asian manufacturer, you can probably get a great price, but you'll need to buy a lot of units to make it worth their time. But it's definitely a cool idea. On a related note, I think if I was going to start a business selling any kind of items on the internet, I would look at a service like this: http://www.amazonservices.com/fulfillment/ Let Amazon deal with the logistics of shipping orders.
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          I don't think you can do heat-transfers with tech fabric, but I might be wrong.
          You CAN, I think, but it does funky stuff with the tech fabric (I think it can shrink it)
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            I say go for it! I am always searching the net trying to find a good deal on shoes, shorts, and tops. If you could centralize it, I would camp out there!

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              2017 goal: get in shape to actually train in 2018.

              2017 goal: get back to 7 min/mile easy runs.

                Way to dig out a 3 year old topic,with that bit of wisdom
                  Just wandering around the forums.  Didn't look at the dates.

                  2017 goal: get in shape to actually train in 2018.

                  2017 goal: get back to 7 min/mile easy runs.