My first 300 mile month (Read 786 times)

    and my last for a while. Tongue Time to taper for San Antonio and then the High Desert 50k 3 weeks later. I had such a sucky April-May-June I feel like I'm more than making up for lost time. Big grin

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      Damn, mama! Shocked NICE work! Big grin

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            Great job, Jennifer! Good luck in San Antonio. I'm from Austin - maybe I will run that one day! Is it hilly?
              Great job, Jennifer! Good luck in San Antonio. I'm from Austin - maybe I will run that one day! Is it hilly?
              It looks pretty flat. Tongue You should run it! It sold out at 30,000 this year but that includes the half marathon too.

              Jennifer mm#1231

                Wow. Good luck with your races.
                  wow, congratulations. I am running San Antonio, but no where near as trained as you are, have a great run.

                    What a fantastic effort!! I've no doubt it will pay off for you in your upcoming races!

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                        WTG, Jen!!!!! Good luck in San Antonio and High Desert!

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                          GREAT job, Jennifer! You and Mar are going to kick boo-tah in San Antonio! Wink

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                            WOW Jennifer - that is awesome!!!!!!!!





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                              Wow, that is so impressive. The closest I've come is a 200 mile month and it felt like all I did was stare at my feet pounding pavement for hours on end, can't imagine getting to 300. You must be tuckered out and ready to taper it down.

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                              My legs are killing me

                                Good God woman! When did you have time to sleep?