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    Hello everyone!  My name is Stella im 21  years old, I'm 161 cm and 51 kg,  I'm a "pear shaped " and  I  hold  most  of my fat on my lower body thighs ..my  goal is  to get a long distance runner's body. .very  low  in body fat percentage with lean  muscles. .my question is how long will it take me  to reach  my  goal? What  training plan, workouts, exercises should i do and also what should I eat to achieve my goal,  also  I'm  a normal  weight  for  my height but in  order to  loose body  fat  in have  to  drop  weight  . . I'm confussed, please help 

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        Eating controls weight. Run for exercise and health, it doesn't burn all that many calories.

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          Eating controls weight. Run for exercise and health, it doesn't burn all that many calories.


          This really depends on how much someone runs.  Running a lot burns quite a few calories.

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            your BMI IS 20   that is very good.


            I would just run 3 times a week for health.


            also do some type of lifting twice a week.


            at 5 3 and 112 you can't be carrying that much fat

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              geez, the time spent running only does around 100-130 calories per mile, but the time recovering burns FAR more than the time recovering from NOTHING. Concentrating on the calories burned WHILE running is missing 2/3 of the picture.



              When someone is already fit, and simply desires to shape their body differently, running alone isn't going to do it. For one, there is no such thing as "spot reduction". Doing a lot of running won't make your butt smaller without also making other parts smaller. It might even make your butt bigger, if you use your glutes a lot (look at sprinters). A trainer is the best person to talk with about body shaping.

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                To some extent our body shape is determined by genetics. Yes you can probably diet and exercise your way to a somewhat different body shape, but at 21 do you really want to battle your genes from now on? Concentrate on eating well and staying fit but don't obsess about obtaining a certain look. It's also very important to maintain bone health at this stage of your life. Good health is about so much more than achieving a certain appearance. Be the healthiest "you" and don't worry about looking like someone else.


                  There was a girl in my high school's athletic district that was a very good distance runner. She received a scholarship to a Pac10 (now Pac12) school, and placed in the NCAA XC and track championships. You would NEVER know she was a distance runner of that caliber by looking at her; she was basically a barrel with short arms and legs. This was someone who ran 50-80 miles a week and was in the prime of her youth. The point is, sometimes genetics regarding body shape cannot be changed.


                  However, for most people who are overweight, burning off extra fat and building strong muscles will change the shape of their body substantially.

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