Lone Running (Read 665 times)

    As is obvious from a quick look at my log I have been struggling this past fortnight to get any time to run. Its busy at work, so I can't get out at lunch time, at home we are getting the house prepared to be put up for sale, so unfortunately the running has had to take a (very) temporary back seat Sad I do my lunchtime training on a treadmill, and my road training usually in the evening and always on my own. I had just had one treadmill session on Wednesday and ran my fastest 4 miles (broke 31 mins for the first time no spectacular, but I was pleased), the last night I went for a 12 mile run. I felt really good on the way around, even as far in as the 9 mile point I managed to up the pace a little. I was tired as I finished, and was a little disappointed to note that my time (1hr 55mins) was only marginally quicker than the last time I had done this circuit. I am planning on running my 2nd HM next March (on the same course as my only other HM) and have been wondering by how much I could beat my previous time of 1hr 57m - on the evidence of this last run I am not quite sure that breaking 1hr 55m is gonna be possible let alone breaking 1hr 50m. I appreciate that I have yet to train for the race in question but I was wondering whether people though my goal of breaking 1h 50mins is realistic, bearing in mind I can;t see me running much more than 90 mile per month. I also wondered what the effect of running in a group has in terms of increasing performance. The only time I have run with other people was in my race, and I know that during it I used a couple of people in front of me as pace makers, so am hoping to do the same next year!!
      In your log, you marked the run as easy. Was it really easy, or more of a tempo run? Because when you describe it, it sounds like it wasn't that easy. If it was an easy run, and you did 12 miles in 1:55, then I don't think doing 13 in 1:50 is unrealistic. But if it was a tempo run, you might be struggling. 12M in 1:55 = roughly 575 seconds per mile. 13M in 1:50 = roughly 507 seconds per mile. So, 68 seconds per mile difference between your training pace and race pace. It will all boil down to how hard you are actually running in your training run. I don't know that anyone else can determine that without more input from you. That said, March is a long way away and if you train steadily, I'd imagine you'll be able to do it. Not positive that 90 miles a month will get you there though...
        hmmm, thanks for response - I mark all my outdoor runs as 'easy' - not the best idea i know. Some of them are genuinely easy, but the quicker the average pace the less easy they are Smile Think I might have to use an extra classification, or divide my runs up. I think you are right in describing it as a tempo.