Retaining same defaults when uploading from file as when uploading from gps (Read 16 times)

    When uploading from gps there are options available regarding marking workouts as publicly viewable, or filling new workouts with info from the last saved workout or replacing gps elevation measurements.  It would be nice for these same options to be available when uploading data from a file.


    I often upload my data from my Android phone using Uploader which drops a .fit file on my phone.  I then use Chrome to upload that .fit to RA.  I always end up forgetting to go back into the map page to mark it as public.  Likewise it would be convenient for those other defaults to also be honored the same as when uploading from gps.

      You're right.  The two should have similar behaviors.  I think I left it out of the file import because the uploaded data file might potentially have thousands of entries, which might take a long time to process.  I'll try to make the file and GPS importer behave similarly in the next revision.


      eric Smile

        Thanks much!