November mileage: watcha got? (Read 843 times)

    I set a goal of 300 and fell 16.2 short.  Of course I was also traveling half of the month and missed 8 days of running, so I think it was pretty good.


    Next month, 400.  Go big or go home.


    Never thought I would overtake the mileage hound in 2012 (or maybe ever).  Even though it is with the asterisk of his missing 8 days, I'll take it.  Smile  336.

    - Joe

    We are fragile creatures on collision with our judgment day.

      318 miles for November



        80 miles


        Started running in September, so I'm pretty proud of that!

        And in the end...

          No idea what I ran last month.  There was a marathon in there somewhere, though.


          I've taken to logging my runs again... it's sort of something I kind of once liked to sort of do... but not so much, really.  Still, I'm gonna try... hate to waste the cool features we have here...


          Fuck it. I'm gonna PR this fall. Let's do this.




              269 - missed running on the 1st but hit every other day.


                108, up from 100 in October, and up from 93 in September.

                34 so far in December!

                Current PRs:

                5K: 27:06 (11/10/12) | 5M: 44:03 (6/1/13) | 10K: 1:00:48 (7/4/12)

                15K: 1:27:53 (3/17/13) | 10M: 1:30:25 (4/13/13) | HM: 1:59:55 (4/28/13)

                Next race: Ashland 4th of July 10K

                  122.47, 2nd full month after colon cancer surgery, I say it's a win.


                  I'm sorry to hear about your colon cancer surgery but it sounds like you're doing well! :-)  I had a full colectomy due to colon cancer at age 12 (1984). 


                    346k (215 miles), 4080k (2535 miles) YTD.




                          Only 69 miles. 10-year average for November is 83.3 miles, so disappointing. Getting whooping cough didn't help Dead

                            Just back into training after a lazy year. Going to get back to ~30mpw soon though.

                              Bronchitis followed by calf injury = 60 miles  Angry


                              Distance since Wednesday? 30 miles....