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    My hubby couldn't be happier--now he doesn't have to feel guilty about his 3-5 hour long bike rides, since I have done runs of 2.5 hours and will be back to those on a weekly basis come warmer weather. And he comes from a family of runners (dad ran Chicago Marathon back in the mid-80s, mom runs consistently, aunt runs, and an uncle-in-law is a Western States runner. Hubby also ran cross country and track in HS and one season of JV cross country in college). I just wish he would someday run with me, but he wishes I would bike with him. We have the combined problem of someone having to be home with DS (at least for a few more years) and neither of us wanting to take time away from our favorite sports to "cross train" with the other. Race fees can pack a punch, but so can shoes and other gear (heh, and his cycling gear is still way more $$ than mine, for the most part). And, the way we both look at it, it's still cheaper than smoking, drinking, or any other number of bad habits. Good health for a long life is worth the relatively small expense, IMO. k

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      My partner runs too, but she is much less, er intense about it. She's more like a normal person that has managed to integrate running into her life than I am. The biggest problem for us is if I want to run a race not accessible by subway. Then she either has to agree to run it with me, or she has to chill for 2 hours while I run through the streets of Staten Island. She'll do it, but the part that really hurts I think is the : It starts at 8am! On Sunday!
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      • Kooky - I feel ya, girl. My ex told me once that spending $20 on a race entry fee was a waste of time for me because there was no chance I'd win. I keep trying to forgive him for that... but it's not happened yet! He also was unhappy that I was taking time for myself when I was running. :: sigh:: Notice I said "ex." Roll eyes Maybe I'll forgive him next year.

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          Well, races are a challenge for us. Our weekends are pretty booked as-is, since DH works them 1:5 or more. I don't work weekends, but that's really our only time to chill out as a family, so I plan 4 events per year that everyone knows about ahead of time, but I have to arrange alt childcare since DH can be called to work without notice. The good thing is, on random weekends, I can hit a local (0-75 miles) run as long as DS can go in the stroller. That's the plan this weekend while DH works. That said, DH is very accomodating (sp?) for my incredibly slow long runs each Sunday. Even if he's working, he finds a way for me to get in my run in a mutually convenient way. Since he's getting a bike as soon as his ACL rehab is finished, we might actually have something we can all do together! Woohoo!!!
            Here's my strategy right now. We still have an 8-month-old baby in addition to several other small kids (too many to keep track of, really) so my wife is not real ready to discuss me running another marathon. She knows how psycho I can get. So I'm just not going to tell her. I figure I'll just train in stealth mode for a while until next fall. Then I'll work it so her and the girls have somewhere to be some Sunday in October or November, and while they're distracted, I'll go run a local marathon. Maybe Baystate, or Cape Cod or Maine. Then I'll casually mention in passing, "Hi, pretty, how was your day? Cool. Me? Oh good. Yeah, so, I ran a race this morning--a marathon actually--and I qualified for Boston so...."

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              "Hi, pretty, how was your day? Cool. Me? Oh good. Yeah, so, I ran a race this morning--a marathon actually--and I qualified for Boston so...."
              That is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!
                My hubby is very supportive of my running addiction. He even took up running and bought us a kick-ass treadmill as part of the master plan! Smile He's also very understanding and helpful when I'm in the midst of marathon training, as I'll be in a few weeks for the Pig, and again in the summer for Chicago. I'm very blessed! Lisa