Viewing other members run data (Read 956 times)

    I was wondering if it is possible to see other members run data (if they have that feature enabled). Just curious what other members are putting in a week and what some of their paces are. thanks --Bubble

      If they have it enabled, then certainly you can see it. In the forums, just look under the name in the posts. There will be a link that says "view log." Don't bother checking for me yet, since I haven't enabled it right now. I'm lazy, plus I just started tracking my runs so there isn't much in my log yet. But you'll all get to see it some day.
        Thanks, I just started logging my runs recently also. I thought it would be interesting to snoop into others running habits. Bubble.
          Eric, Is there a way to see a list of users that have a view log enabled without them having to post in a forum. I ask this since I have a friend who I turned on to this site, and was only able to find my logs after going to the forum. I would suggest a tab (User Logs) or somthing and this have a list of users that can link to their logs. Just a thought. - Charles
            Hi Charles, Right now, there is no centralized page that lists all users with publicly viewable logs, other than in the forums. I haven't decided on the best way to create this page. There are enough users that are requesting this feature that I'll add it soon. For now, if you want your friends to view your log, you can just send them a link. On all the log pages that can be publicly viewed, there's a "Publish Link" button on the right side of the toolbar. If you click on it, you'll get a link for that page. Hope this helps. eric Smile