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    I started Running about 19 years ago I was 30+ then. My last race 5k was Spring of 2015 Prior to that , two marathons, half Marathon several 5k and 10k and a lot of running. I ran off an on but never got in the groove. My wife went back to work, I was carting the kids around. Now they are driving themselves so trying to get back into it.


    As little as I have run over the last 5 years I still consider myself a runner or maybe its all in my head but I still have what I would call a runner mentality. Meaning my experience over 20 years tells me I can "get back at it" any time I want as long as am patient in my training, and don't act like I am 30 again. So I turn 52 in July my goal is a 5.2 mile run on that day.


    Then do a 5k an late August and start training for something longer probably the local half in the winter. Eventually I will get back on the bike, join the YMCA for swimming and try to get back to a triathlon. I did one several years ago but at the time I just did not have the time to commit to it with family obligations.


    I have used this site forever and even though my tech has change ( I now have a fitbit watch) I always end up putting my training plan and tracking my runs in this site. It just works

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      Welcome back "Old Man".  62 now, ran my first marathon at 42.  Get back in the groove.  Easy runs 3x, 4x a week.  Things will hurt.  Find friends to run with each week.  Makes the misery easier.  Nice to have a goal.  The virtual runs/races give you something to do without having to go anywhere.


      Good Luck!




        I have a big dog now that likes to run with me that is part of the motivation to get him some exercise. Been working on taking him a few times. He does ok in the heat and he is barely trotting while I am huffing and puffing. I have run with several running groups over the years particularly on my long run days,  so I will for sure start doing that again when the timing is right.


          I’m soon to be 60, and I think a big key with age is the rest days and not over doing it. Be sure you carry water for the pup! My Doby once did 21 miles with me while marathon training several years ago.


            If you've developed a routine in running then starting training again isn't a problem. I've experienced 3 years without running, and that period was tough enough for my life. But I started running again, and the only difference was that I started from very beginning.

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              So who is the old man getting back to running? The OP says he is 52.

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              not bad for mile 25

                So who is the old man getting back to running? The OP says he is 52.


                I've only seen juveniles in this thread.