Freeze on Connecting Forerunner 305 (Read 19 times)

The Irreverent Reverand

    This isn't a consistent error, but one that has happened a few times with my aging Forerunner 305 - upon trying to connect, I get an error message about needing to reset the watch (sorry, don't have the exact error message), and then the upload seems to stop (watch says "transfer complete" but the webpage becomes unresponsive). Attempts to go back to the Upload GPS Data page in a new tab immediately results in the frozen, unresponsive page.


    This has happened more frequently since I've been having more trouble getting the watch to charge or connect to the computer successfully. I often have to take the watch off the cradle several times, clean the contacts and move the wire around for it to consistently connect. Today that took longer than usual, and once I did get it to connect, the above error took place.


    When this last happened, I simply avoided connecting my Garmin to the computer for a few days. When I finally did connect my watch to the computer and tried to upload data to RA, everything was fine - and the workout data that I had tried to upload a few days earlier when the page froze was there, intact, ready to be saved.


    Besides getting a new Garmin (which I'd like to avoid, but I know is probably inevitable), is there anything else I should do?



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