Building mileage back up after knee injury (Read 529 times)

    Hi all,


    I'm hoping that some of you might be able to give me an idea of how to build my mileage back up, as I've been off running for about two weeks due to knee problems. I'm training up for a half marathon on October 28th. Two weeks ago I did my long run for the week, which was 16km. My knee was a bit sore, and I should have paid attention to that and stopped, but I didn't. After cooling down, it got quite sore, and I couldn't run at all for the next week. I went to the physio who said it was runner's knee, and I've been doing lots of stretching and strengthening exercises. This past week, I've been running on it a bit, building up slowly. Yesterday, I did an 8km run. It was a little sore for the first couple of k, but pain free by the end. It also wasn't sore afterwards, which I was very happy and relieved about.


    My question is, where to from here? Can I pick back up where I left off? I was ahead of schedule in the training plan I was following, so I could try going back to the correct week (given the time it is til the half) and build up from there again. That would put this coming week's total mileage at about 37-38km and the long run at 13km. I know I'll have to pay attention to the knee and back off if it's not going well, but it would be nice to have a plan in mind!


    Thanks heaps!


      Give yourself another week to transition back to regular schedule. Sounds like a little stress reaction from overtraining or process of adapting to more running/pounding.Shoot for 30-35K this week but don't do full long run as that will be a lot of added stress. Do 10K for your long run this week. If you make it fine through this next week then get back on normal plan. You have time. Try to get that knee loose and warmed up before runs-active, dynamic movements and/or hot bath or knee soak to increase circulation pre-run. Keep doing your strength work. Good luck!

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        Have you had your knee looked at...other than by the physio?  If you're having continual problems/pain going on there...well there's a problem there...and it ain't just going away on its own.  "Runner's Knee" doesn't mean much...it has no specific definition and the pain/problem can be the result of a dozen and one causes.


        Do you know if you have a torn ACL?  Meniscus?  If so, it could be bad to continue running w/o addressing the cause of the pain and problem.  Having been through it myself, I would suggest having it looked at more thoroughly, and finding out EXACTLY what is going on there...  Otherwise, you might be looking at ALOT more time off from running...if you know what I mean!

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          Thanks for the advice. I'll go with the regular schedule as long as it feels okay for the next three days. Then I'll aim for 10km fo my Friday long run. Hopefully that will all go well!! It's only a physio who has looked at the knee so far. She said she would send me for an X-ray if it doesn't settle down soon. My knees have always been noisy (crepitus I think it's called?), but they have never really been painful up til now. I hope it doesn't turn out to be anything more serious!!