Flat after 6 minute half PR (Read 155 times)


    First of all, hello to everyone as this is my first post.


    Background: 25 years old, running for 2 or 3 years. Was 240lb when I started, now am 170. 1:35 half last year, wanted a sub 1:30 badly.


    Around Feb 1  with a ~50 mile/week base started a 12 week plan based on a 19:19 5K TT. Also, had an insanely strict diet, and quit drinking altogher. By the end I was going long runs with tempo sundays, tempo wednesdays, interval thursdays, a rather intensive routine that a great local coach provided for me.


    Showed up to Tacoma half marathon, got my 1:29:52 on a great fast course on a beautiful weekend.


    Fast forward 2 weeks. I've done an easy long run, several rest days, several short easy runs, and have ATTEMPTED a few workouts similar to the intervals and tempo stuff I was doing 5-6 weeks before the race since I have more 10K and 12K races approaching that I'd like to stay fit for. Maybe it's the fact that I've resumed drinking on the weekends (haven't gained weight), or maybe I had the perfect peak for the race and am in a huge trough, but I am useless. I realize it takes a little time to bounce back from races, but I'm flat out struggling to do 20min of tempo, and there's no way in hell I can do 8x800 intervals like I could just a couple weeks ago as I find myself gasping and diving off the treadmill halfway through.


    Any thoughts? Take 2 weeks off? Am I burned out? There's no lack of motivation and excitement, just seemingly a huge lack of fitness!

      Its not at all unusual to have a big mental and physical let down after a big goal race. Don't panic, you're not losing fitness and you will bounce back. Don't rush the workouts. Just run easy mileage until you feel the urge.


      And congrats on what you've accomplished so far. Great story.

      Runners run.

        Set a new goal... 10k PR? Marathon PR?


        Mix up your exercise a bit: do some cycling, hiking, swimming, lifting...

          You focused all your energies toward this one race and were VERY successful.........a little mental step back is expected...


          Just run easy and knock out what ever miles feel comfortable to you and you'll be fine - dont think training, just think some easy runs until your fully recover physically and mentally.      It wont be long before you come up with a new goal and you'll be 'going for it' again...


          CONGRATS on a great PR.....

          Champions are made when no one is watching


            Burned out, overtrained, or whatever it might be called in your case, it sounds like you need a break.


            Greg McMillan wrote an article recently for running times. After a recent training cycle he took 3-4 weeks off (I can't remember exactly), he gained a few pounds, etc.


            he said you'd lose some fitness during these types of breaks. But they are essential to keep your mind fresh and hungry for new goals (I'm paraphrasing here).

              Has it gotten a lot warmer recently where you are? As the temperature rises it gets harder to hold the same pace.



              Nashville, TN


                Just easier paced running for a while. Your program is pretty aggressive and it takes 10-14 days to fully recover from a half.

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