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    Hi everybody :
    Hope everyone is doing well !! as i said in the title , i bought a new running shoes that hurts me , those are all the details :

    -firstly , i use to buy neutral running shoes , sometimes neutral running shoes with some pronation , where i feel confortable
    -secondly , the running shoes that i bought is "adidas ultra boost pb"
    -indeed , when i went to the adidas store , i couldn't change it , because the shoe was in discount

    finally , i feel that the adidas is hurting me under my feet in the upper part, especially in the neutral place of the foot , how's it possible , considering that the shoe is neutral ? is there a solution to make the shoe confortable ??? ,


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      If the shoe is hurting your foot, it is not the right shoe for you.

      Your best bet is to sell it as a like-new shoe.

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        Sometimes a shoe should be a good shoe, at least on paper. Even a model you've worn in the past that has been updated can be incompatible with a person's feet and/or biomechanics. I have a nearly new pair of Saucony Freedom 3s that gave me a stubborn achilles injury on my right heel. Usually neutral Saucony shoes work for me, but not this one. It's an unfortunate cost of running that some gear is just not a good fit.

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          Stick the insoles from a pair of your old shoes that you like in them . Worth a try.

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            It was the same when all the stores were quarantined, and the shoes had to be bought online. Soon, the pain in the legs began, and we had to order new shoes three times. It is better to replace the shoes.