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    Until recently, many GPSes, and all Garmin GPSes, store their data in the ANT FIT file format.  Unlike most other file formats where the data is stored in human readable text, the FIT format is binary. You can't view its content unless you use a program that knows how to read it.  I wrote a reader for it years ago because the sample reader code that came with the documentation was poorly designed. I had a good understanding of the file format, and an interesting side effect was seeing the errors in generating proper FIT files from various GPS devices, including the Garmin ones.


    I don't know exactly when FIT 2.0 came out, but I imagine an update is needed to support the ever changing GPS capabilities. Some of you started using devices that generate these new files, and I also think Garmin Connect maybe converting all FIT files to FIT 2.0 files. Since RA didn't support the new file format, you were getting import errors.


    I am happy to announce that RA now supports FIT 2.0.  Due to the complexity of the file format, I switched to use the sample code that came with the documentation. It was still poorly designed, and still does the bare minimum to extract the data. The one advantage it has is it can read the new files "out of the box". Instead of making sense of the dense documentation, I spent my time on translating the data. There were more than a couple of occasion where I wondered why the sample code didn't take the extra effort and make everything obvious.


    The updated FIT importer currently does not yet support all the new features/data available in the data.  If you know your data files contain additional data that you're not seeing, please let me know and I'll work on adding support for it.


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