Crusted Salt--my new running related comic strip (Read 1266 times)

    Hi Gang,


    I've been a member here since 2007. This is my official announcementCool that, on January 1st,  I launched a new comic strip on-line that has my unique take on the running world. It's called Crusted Salt. I plan to keep it mostly a daily strip. I'm up to #20 so far. If you stop by the website, just follow the arrows to peruse them. 


    I've had a link to the website in my signature since Jan 1, and some of you are already aware of it (and have written to me about it--thanks). The links on this page will take you to Crusted Salt #1---"Tales Of The Unshod#1". If you've already been there,  just click the PREVIOUS arrow for the newest.


    There are links to a fan page on FBook, Twitter, RSS, and Email subscribe for reminders.


    Hopefully, a few will make you smile. Enjoy!


    Click here to go to Crusted Salt.


    Thanks for all the good times here on RA!




      Nice! They made me smile!


      haha, "NEVER High five bigfoot" , that's a good one! I will pass it on to my ultrarunner friends Smile

      Needs more cowbell!

        This is my favorite!

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          Ha ha!  The Unshod: "Kidnapped by a pack of feet worshippers during a trail race..." that's one of my favorites.  Oh, and running with the porcupines too.


          You're talented!

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            Thanks Vege, Zoom, and Bill, for taking the time to take a look, and for the nice comments. I find it interesting which ones people like the best. Always different. Just in the first 20 days my appreciation for the great ones like Charles M. Shulz, who produced daily for decades, has grown immensely. The idea is not always there, and it's like pulling a sword out of a stone sometimes. Cool -Jimmy

              funny stuff


                Porta Snotty. That's funny.

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                Needs more cowbell!

                  Porta Snotty. That's funny.


                  Perhaps this is a testament to my dorkitude, but upon first glance I thought the porta-potty was the Tardis... Blush

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                  • Keep doing stuff.

                    Very cool! My fav was Sally's contribution. Classic!

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                      I liked Bob the uber bandit.

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                        good stuff. 

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                          Thanks. Very cool of everyone to check out the strip AND to post about them.

                          I like the Uber Bandit, too. Extreme---don't bandit the march, man.




                          Feeling the growl again

                            I did not make it through them all, but your collection would not be complete without addressing snot rockets, chafing, perma-stink clothing.

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                              I did not make it through them all, but your collection would not be complete without addressing snot rockets, chafing, perma-stink clothing.


                              The first two out of those three have been addressed, Spaniel. Cool

                                A couple more ideas, taking off at a dead sprint in a long race, trying not to get chicked/geezered, fuel belts in 5Ks, hallucinations in a ultra, and my favorite - shipping shoes to your office so your wife does not know (you know who you are)