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    After spending nearly four months training more vigorously than I ever had for my first-ever marathon, my clumsiness in my life outside of running got the best of me and I fractured my toe falling down the stairs (socks + janky NYC apt stairs = not a good combo) two weeks before the race. After sobbing for days and finding out at urgent care that it was indeed broken I finally got an orthopedic surgeon to sign off on my running the race, as long as I wasn't in pain. I'm super grateful that I was able to run the NYC Marathon without pain and hit my goal of a sub-3:30 and BQ in my first marathon--and I had so much fun!


    Now, I'm faced with recovery and already losing my mind and am only going on two weeks of no running and #bootlife. Wondering if anyone else has experienced a broken toe and how long they took off from running. Also, would love any tips on cross training that isn't life-sucking as I am already deeply over the elliptical and spin classes. I've been buddy-taping my toe (it's my fourth toe, next to my baby toe) religiously and wearing a medical shoe to keep the foot stable. It's not painful any more, but I'm guessing that the marathon set me back on healing time. Would love to hear your experiences!

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      Did doc tell you not to run? As long as it is not painful and not displaced and buddy taping, I would probably run. But that's just me. If you want more time off from running, a great cross training exercise is the StairMaster or a stair stepper machine....not where you are actually stepping but on the machine fighting gravity. Do this without holding on and pushing more from heel. Great work out. Elliptical is not that great to maintian running fitness  if you are very fit.

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        Just to say I feel your pain.  I broke my bid toe just randomly.  Fortunately no upcoming races. For other reasons not running as much. I have done some yoga, Pilates, biking, strength training.  I go by the old mantra if it’s altering form or more than mildly painful back off.

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          Pool running. I'm a swimmer, and very often when I go to the pool, there is someone there "running" laps. Looks like that's becoming a thing.

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