Hip pain (Read 187 times)

Feeling the growl again


    Not to completely disagree, but I feel like it might not be entirely the amount of running that I'm doing.  I just watched a running form instructional video and apparently I have a lot to rework in that department.  I definitely have a lot of work to do when it comes to excessive pounding.


    It very well could be your form.  If you view the implosion on my log from mid-February to date you are seeing the result of recurring hip issues which are, at least, due to form issues resulting from imbalances.  However, doing too much too soon can be an aggravating factor that no amount of PT or new shoes will cure.  I've run 2500-4000 miles per year for the past decade and I still ended up in such a predicament after a few months of ramping up mileage.

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      So I love forums to death.  Do a great deal of research and my running has come a long way due to the knowledge that I gain from the experience of this forum's members.


      But,,, looking to a forum for answers about medical issues, especially the hip, is not a great way to save $160.  There are so many things that can be the issue that present themselves in the area you are talking about.  Some have been mentioned, others have not.  Swelling in an area close could be putting a strain in the hip where muscles attach for example.


      Speaking as someone who did put off seeing a Dr when my hip started hurting, I would really like to stress the importance of seeing someone.  The great thing about this forum is everyone is so great at trying to help and spread the love of what we like to do.  The bad thing is that no one can actually see your form or your shoes, look at any potential swelling, or read a medical test.  Go see someone who can - please.


      I didn't and almost lost the ability to run for good.


        Thanks again for the advice everybody!


        I'll try out those stretches/exercises you mentioned gator.


        I'm taking today off and I think tomorrow I'll see if a one mile run aggravates it.  I'll see if I can improve my form too. One concern I have though is if there might be a threshold distance that I could maybe run without causing my hip to hurt, but the underlying problem won't go away.  In the meantime I do think I'll pretty much cut my distances in half and focus on form and see if that helps.


        Also GoRunDad, I do totally understand where you're coming from.  If I had more money I'd be more inclined to turn to the pros (aka MDs) quicker.  I'll get an appointment if the issue lasts, but I want to first exhaust the possible causes I can come up with.


        Another thing I'm doing too is I'm going to wear my running shoes around and break them in and also see if I notice any pain.


        Again, I appreciate all the help!


          Update - zappos actually just took back my shoes despite them being used! I did some research and my shoes were fairly neutral, so I went for ones that are for neutral/slight over pronators (New Balance 890V3). So I'm glad that I'll be able to test this one potential variable without costing me anything.  I was planning on going to my local shop since they're pros - but I can't say no to a free swap!


            The replacement shoes I got from zappos were too big and I decided F it, I'm going to the local store.  I got fit properly and think the shoes are going to be a great match.


            Ive taken the last handful of days pretty easy, both crosstraining and also just doing nothing lol.  I ran 1.5 miles today and was disappointed to find my hip was hurting a bit by the end.


            I think I realized what's causing my hip pain, it's my driving position.  I drive A LOT.  I drive about 65,000 miles a year for work - so you could probably throw another 10k on top of that too just for normal personal use too.  What sucks is that I don't totally fit in my car lol.  I'm not that big (6ft 155 lbs) but somehow in 2005, Chevy managed to design their trailbazers in such a way that 6ft is a bit too tall for the car.  So basically if I'm doing any sort of driving where I need to be able to alternate between the gas and brake quickly, I need to have my leg up a bit.  So there can be extended periods of time (esp traffic) where my leg muscle is flexed and practically supporting my entire leg's weight.


            Today I came to this realization and am working on finding a driving position for my leg so that my leg isn't getting overworked and so my heel is on the floor as much as possible when alternating between the gas and brake.


            I looked up this issue on google and also saw a recommendation to not drive with your wallet in your pants.


            Anyway, I would have much preferred the issue to be shoe-related.  It's much easier to swap out shoes than cars.  I'll be pissed if my goddamn car keeps me from running.  Anyway, I guess at this rate of driving, my car will be biting the dust within the next year.  I'm really going to be extra careful next time around about having ample leg/head room when buying a car.