Running w/music & apps??? (Read 176 times)

    During races? No, not really.

    Training runs? Yes. But most of the time but I run without cars around.






      Just curious, for those of you who run half or full marathons, do you run a) listening to music, b) using a running app, or c) both?



      I do smile but I fear towards the end of a long/hard run it probably looks more like a grimace...!

      Baby Got Track

        I train with music if I am running alone, no music if I have my dog with me.  Use running app only if I am measuring out a new route, or when doing the Zombies, Run! app which is a story interspersed with music, very entertaining.


        For racing I have never yet run with music or an app, but I am reconsidering it for this year.  I get extremely nervous before and during the first couple miles of the race, it is excruciating.  I was thinking music might help calm me down.

        Leah, mother of goats 


          Pet peeve is people running with headphones during races.


          I've never run outside with headphones but I did run on a treadmill listening to music once or twice.

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          Run n Drum

            Always when running on the dreadmill, which isn't too often.  Rarely on training runs outside.  Never in a race or on a trail.



            running metalhead

              There is sorta non-written law that says that in a race you realise that you are gettign to the front positions when you pass the last guy/chick with earphones.


              As a matter of fact, in these races were competition and recreational runners start separated I have never seen anybody among the competitors with earphones.


              When I train I don't wear any electronic music device either, but sometimes I provide some excellent entertainment (soem would say utter annoyance) to fellow runners by singing Iron Maiden stuff  or soviet revolutionary songs (1) while running, specially uphill. I don't know why, actually.


              And no, I don't do this in races.


              (1) I'm neither Russian nor commy, but check out the song "Tatchanjka"about a machine-gun car,

              When I run I feel like a swallow

              Because you are free like a bird?

              Nope, because of all the flies I eat.